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In this online era, finding a drug on the web has been become easier because of the genuine efforts of few online pharmacies and proudly we can say that genericviagra800.net is one of them. We are keen to provide you all types of branded and generic medicines used to treat health ailments. Supplying quality medications is our plus point and we know how much it means to our customers to get genuine medicines. Just one click and you are ready to bag your drugs. The formality of shipping the drugs to your place may take few days but we make sure that you get quality medicaments. Finest quality drugs and supportive customer care team make your shopping experience with us memorable one.

We at genericviagra800.net are bound to provide you the accurate and scientific information regarding the products displayed on the website. Generic medications are all equal to their branded version and we aim to give you quality drugs at low cost possible.

What is Generic Viagra?

What is genetic Viagra? This is no more a question now as every man knows about this medication and how it works for your erotic problems. This medication got this supreme power of battling with erectile dysfunction because of the chemical used in the drug. Sildenafil citrate is the powerful element in the eradication of erection issue. This chemical of generic Viagra works on the male organ and the blood flow towards it and corrects the issue.
Generic Viagra is similar to its branded version Viagra. These two shares the same chemical and thus mode of working and result is also same. Cost factor plays very crucial role as generic Viagra is available at very economic rate as compared with the branded one.

Is It Generic Viagra is the Safe and an Effective Medication for ED?

Safety is the major concern when it comes to deal with generic medications used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Generic Viagra is no exception for this and still many are not convinced with the idea of treating male impotence with the help of generic medicaments.
In actual there is no difference between the branded drugs and generic version of them. Generic Viagra too, is very effective against erectile failure as it has Viagra filled in it. Viagra branded is all similar to its generic format and thus one can certainly take this drug to repair penile problem. The effect is quick and stays longer. As far safety is concerned, generic Viagra is all safe to consume as it has been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It means this drug has gone through the strict safety compliance methods and now is open in public for use.
Generic Viagra must be consumed under medical surveillance to get safer results. Do not take it in excess or with alcoholic beverages.

Facts about Generic Viagra

It is interesting to know more about the king of anti-impotence drug, generic Viagra. This medication has acquired a permanent place in the heart of men but still many are unaware about the goodness of this drug. Following questionnaires will clear your doubts about this medicine.
How effective generic Viagra is compared to branded Viagra drug? The effectiveness of the drug depends on the chemical used in it. Generic Viagra and the branded counterpart has same chemical used in it and that makes it effective over penile problems.
What is the difference between generic Viagra and branded version of it? There is no difference between these two medicaments. The chemical sildenafil citrate is used in the making of these two drugs and thus one can either go for generic form or branded one.
Which one is cheaper? Generic Viagra or Viagra? Branded Viagra is expensive as compared to its generic form and therefore the later has become more popular than the former one. Availability of cheaper generic Viagra has made it possible to reach to the common man also and making them able to clear their penile problems.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra has served millions and still counting. This medication has various benefits, though there are some drawbacks too. First we will discuss about the positive points of this anti-impotence drug.
The major advantage is the ability of this medicine to treat erectile dysfunction. Generic Viagra with sildenafil citrate filled in it attacks on the PDE5 enzyme and cut off its effect on the arteries providing blood to the male organ at the time of copulation. It is so powerful that it creates hardness in the organ that remains intact for hours.
Other advantage of generic Viagra is the cost at which it is available. Being generic version, it is accessible at lower price with same quality similar to the branded Viagra. Because of the cost effectiveness provided by generic drugs, anyone can go for this medicine.
One more advantage is the availability of generic Viagra through local pharmacies and online stores. You can even get the drug in oral jelly, soft tabs format which is easier for oldies to consume the drug.
The only disadvantage is the side effects come with generic Viagra. But these are normally occurring aftereffects that accompany each and every drug. One can certainly reduce the intensity of these effects by taking the exact amount of drug and following the precautionary measures.